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Our European style gluten plant was completed in 1998 making it a state-of-the-art facility capable of high extraction rates and high quality. The benefits of the Canadian CPS wheat used in the process gives us the quality we can count on to compete in the competitive gluten market.

Our primary products are:
* Bakery Flour
* Vital Wheat Gluten
* Fuel Grade Ethanol
* High Protein Animal Feed
* Industrial Grade Alcohol
* Power

Our superior bakery flour and vital wheat gluten products function well in baked goods which are primarily sold to the baking industry.

Permolex produces a fuel grade ethanol that is used as a gasoline additive. Ethanol blended fuels have proven to reduce tail pipe emissions, increase octane levels and reduce green house gas generation.

Our livestock feed product contains both high fiber and protein levels that are essential ingredients in animal feed rations for maintenance and growth.

Bakery Flour - click to see product specification (PDF document)
Gluten - click to see product specification (PDF document)
Fuel Grade Ethanol - click to see product specification (PDF document)
Wet Distillers Grain and Solubles - click to see product specification (PDF document)

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