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Permolex is one of the largest users of CPS wheat in Canada processing approximately 110,000mt/year. Thus, we source wheat from all areas of Alberta and into Western Saskatchewan to meet our plant's demand. Wheat marketed to Permolex may be sold through the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) or at a spot (non-board) price. Producers may be expected to sell approximately 30% through the CWB.

Permolex is currently buying all varieties of CPS Wheat as well as winter soft white and red spring wheat.

We welcome new producers and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

* Grade: All wheat must be a CPS-1 or CPS-2, no feedgrade CPS will be accepted.
* Sprouted wheat and wheat contaminated with Ergot and Fusarium will not be accepted.
* All wheat must have less than 1 % barley to be considered acceptable.
* All wheat must be 14.5 % moisture or less.
* All wheat must have a bushel weight of < 60 lbs
* No treated wheat will be accepted.

Before any grain is delivered to Permolex, we will request a 500g sample to do a protein analysis and make sure the above quality requirements are met.

Permolex is bonded through the CGC.
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