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Our first ethanol plant was completed in 1998. Using the dry mill process our facility produces high quality fuel grade ethanol.

Ethanol has been proven to reduce green house gas emissions substantially when mixed with gasoline. New innovations in the industry are using ethanol mixed with diesel to further impact the green house gas emissions from the transportation industry, which is one of the primary causes of green house gas emissions.

Permolex International, L.P. is an emerging global leader in the production of ethanol and other bio-fuel products from multiple feedstocks, and is owned by BMG Limited Partnership.

BMG Limited Partnership- BMG is controlled by Brent Mackenzie Group GP Limited, a corporation formed by Douglas Brent, Hollis Brent, and Douglas MacKenzie, to focus on investments in the global bio-fuels sector. Mr. MacKenzie, a former oil industry executive, has over 14 years experience as a senior executive, strategist and innovator in the ethanol and biofuels industry. Douglas and Hollis Brent, through their private holding company Brent Enterprises, LLC, also invest in and operate businesses in other industries undergoing fundamental change, including businesses in the food and specialty packaging sectors.

The Red Deer plant operates a unique value-added grain fractionation facility located in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. The facility is the first of its kind in North America, using feed grade wheat in its initial stages of production. The plant's design incorporates leading edge technologies and processes to capitalize on the benefits of integration of three traditionally independent manufacturing processes, namely a flour mill, a gluten plant and an ethanol plant. This unique integration allows the by-products of one process to be utilized as feedstock for the next process.
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Permolex is committed to leadership in the grain and ethanol processing industry through technical excellence in the cost effective production of our products, which are of the highest quality and will meet all of our customers' expectations. This commitment is reflected in the continual development of our products, processes and our staff.

Our values and Commitments:
  • Open and regular, two-way communication between management and staff.
  • Honesty and Integrity.
  • The encouragement of teamwork within and between work groups.
  • Respect for all employees.
  • Employee involvement in goal setting and planning.
  • The expectation that all employees will give their best efforts.
  • Individual employee performance development and recognition.
  • Operational standards that protect our employees, the environment, and the public.
The quality of our work environment, products and reputation will be exhibited by the character and the principles of those who represent us.

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